Garden Plant: China Boy Meets China Girl Holly Combo

China Boy Meets China Girl Holly Combo Garden Plant

China Boy Meets China Girl Holly Combo

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Product Description: China Boy Meets China Girl Holly Combo

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Holly berries – guaranteed! Fred and Ginger.

Thelma and Louise.

Lucy and Desi.

Butch and Sundance.

Beauty and the Beast.

Some couples just go together forever, don’t they? We are very happy to offer you one of the all-time classic couples – China Boy and China Girl hollies (Ilex x meserveae ‘ Mesdob’ and ‘Mesog’) – together in one container! Besides being a sure-fire way to a great bushy evergreen shrub, having China Boy and China Girl in such close proximity all but guarantees that you will have a lush display of rich red holly berries all fall and well into winter.

We wish that all pollinating feats in the garden were this easy! Super hardy in heat and cold, sun or shade, this combo is an easy and fool-proof pair for your garden.

You will want to buy several sets for an instant hedgerow (these guys grow fast!) or use one as a large statement in your foundation planting.

They will easily reach 8 – 10 feet tall and wide in a few years.

They will prune as easily as a boxwood, so you can keep them at whatever height you’d like, no fuss, no muss.

The dark green leaves are big and glossy and the perfect backdrop for those classic red holly berries.

Use branch cuttings for your holiday tables and vases and your guests will think you paid a florist to do your decorating! The birds will love your garden in the fall and winter, too.

The berries make for a veritable smorgasbord and the spiky leaves make a perfect shelter.

(Speaking of the spiky leaves, plant this in front of windows as a safety measure and burglars will think twice before trying to break in.

A thicket of holly leaves is a definite deterrent!) Top grade field-grown plants are shipped right to your door! Don’t wait to order.

Enjoy this beautiful holly combo this year!
* Fast growing evergreen
* Great for hedges, screens and borders
* Super hardy and super easy
* Includes China Girl and China Boy (as a pollinator) in one container for guaranteed berries in fall and winter

China Boy Meets China Girl Holly Combo Order Options