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Castle Wall Blue Holly Garden Plant

Castle Wall Blue Holly

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Elegant Male Holly Castle Wall Holly is a broadleaf evergreen.

It would make an outstanding foundation plant or you could pair it with a female Holly for their decorative appeal.

Your Castle Wall Holly is a Proven Winners selection plant, and lives up to the distinction with its exceptional foliage and hardy nature.

It’s a newer, more compact variety of Holly with better branching, waxy leaves and great pollinating ability.

The foliage has the classic serrated, Holly-leaf shape and it’s sometimes referred to as a “blue holly ” for its vibrant coloring.

This is a Holly typically valued for its use in holiday arrangements, and just one is enough to pollinate several female Holly plants (if you prefer to have the traditional red berries as well).

Castle Wall is fast-growing, so before you know it you’ll have a large, vibrant shrub to provide year-round color for your landscape.

Castle Wall Holly will grow up to 8 feet in height with a 3-foot spread.

It has a compact and pyramidal form.

It’s adaptable to a variety of soils and in fact is a Holly that is likely to even thrive in boggy conditions.

Holly plants have long been sought after for their enduring beauty and hardy nature, and Castle Wall is no exception.

Why not pair one with a female variety today and reap the enjoyment of year-round vibrant color as well as the decorative red berries both you, and your wildlife, will love.
* Decorative foliage
* Compact
* Thrives in wet soil
* Male pollinator for Castle Spire

Castle Wall Blue Holly Order Options