Garden Plant: Castle Spire Blue Holly

Castle Spire Blue Holly Garden Plant

Castle Spire Blue Holly

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Decorative Holly with Winter Interest The Castle Spire Holly is an evergreen Holly.

It works well as a hedge or foundation plant.

It’s also a lovely specimen planting for a front or side yard.

Your Castle Spire is a variety of blue holly that is compact and pyramidal in form.

It was developed with improved branching and an even more lustrous, classic holly leaf.

It’s charming year-round, but really shines in the winter months.

Imagine a 10 foot tall narrow holly, its blue-green, glossy foliage dusted with ivory snowflakes and adorned with brilliant scarlet berries.

You can almost see a red Cardinal or Blue Jay sitting among its branches just like in a Christmas card.

It’s a stunning display to be sure! The Castle Spire Holly prefers to avoid winter winds so it would love to be nestled close to your home or other evergreens.

It’s deer resistant so you don’t have to worry about them coming around for a quick nibble, and it can tolerate both sun and shade.

You don’t have to prune it, but you’ll certainly want to when the holidays roll around.

The foliage makes outstanding decorations for the holiday season.

It’s long-lived, commonly thriving for 40 years or more, and fills out nicely all the way to ground level, so you won’t have to consider planting facer plants around it.

The Castle Spire Holly is a superior plant for your landscape.

It’s lovely year-round but spectacular in the winter months, care free and the birds love it.

You can’t go wrong with a Castle Spire Holly.
* Decorative Foliage Year- Round
* Wildlife Appeal
* Deer Resistant

Castle Spire Blue Holly Order Options