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Canada Red Select Cherry

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Year Round Interest for Both People and Wildlife Canada Red Select Cherry is a deciduous shrub with both beauty and fruit to recommend it.

Plant these for a lovely, informal hedge along your garage or outbuilding.

These are also perfect as a specimen planting, especially when used in a wildlife garden where they’re sure to draw attention from a variety of creatures.

Your Canada Red Select Cherry is a remarkably beautiful shrub with a great deal to offer in every season of the year.

In spring, it blooms with 6-inch long racemes of delicate, white flowers.

The fragrant blooms are a stand-out amid the vibrant, green foliage.

Each oblong leaf features a delightfully, fine-toothed edge and green coloring that slowly transitions to a gorgeous deep purple by summer.

As if this weren’t enough, Canada Red’s foliage changes once again for fall, taking on a lovely orange/red hue as the weather turns cooler.

The fruit of your Canada Red Select Cherry appears from July to October, and is sometimes called a chokecherry.

Despite its name however, these pretty little clusters of scarlet ” cherries ” are actually quite useful when made into such culinary delights as jelly and wine.

If you choose to leave your Canada Red’s fruit to decorate the branches, your wildlife will certainly appreciate the tasty treat.

Everything from bear to chipmunks and birds adore Canada Red for the “select cherry ” it provides.

Canada Red Select Cherry will grow 25 to 30 feet tall with a 20 foot spread.

It has a pyramidal to oval habit and is generally quite hardy.

Canada Red is adaptable to a variety of conditions and will even tolerate poor soils.

It’s a versatile shrub that is amenable to pruning, and can be displayed as a multi-trunked tree as well as an impressive shrub.

The value of the chokecherry, once a staple food of Native Americans, has increasingly been overlooked by gardeners.

However this widespread native cherry should be given a second look as its marvelous features are certainly expansive.

With several varieties to choose from, Canada Red Select Cherry is a stellar example of a chokecherry that would be an outstanding choice to grace your yard this year.
* Colorful foliage
* Fragrant spring flowers
* Wildlife interest
* Adaptable to a variety of conditions
* Year round interest
* Versatile for use as a tree or shrub

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