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Caesars Brother Iris

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Blue Iris Loves Moist Soil The Iris ‘ Caesar’s Brother’, Iris siberica, has rich, deep intense blue flowers with slightly bluish-green leaves.

Blooming from late spring into summer, it has a plant height of 36 ” and a spread of 18-24 ” .

Iris ‘ Caesar’s Brother’ is one of the most easily grown Iris.

It prefers moist, well-drained soil in full sun, but will tolerate some afternoon shade.

This Iris needs plenty of water throughout the season to looks its best.

It can also tolerate a poor, dry soil because its thick roots penetrate the soil deeply.

Iris ‘ Caesar’s Brother’ is useful in many ways and is best used around pools, ponds and water gardens, and for mass plantings.

It can be planted on difficult banks and prevent erosion.

They make magnificent cut flowers.

They are resistant to deer.

This tall Siberian iris produces violet blue flowers in late spring on rigid stems, and the clumps will grow together and snuff out weeds.

It is an easily grown Iris, and it spreads by rhizomes, so if planted this year, it will be even bigger and better in a season or two! A splendid blossom for any setting, ‘ Caesar’s Brother’ will please you with its intense blue flowers in early summer and returning effortlessly year after year!
* Intensely Blue Flowers
* Blooms Spring Through Summer
* Clumps and Loves Moist Soil

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