Garden Plant: Buzz Magenta Butterfly Bush

Buzz Magenta Butterfly Bush Garden Plant

Buzz Magenta Butterfly Bush

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Prolific Magenta Flowers on a Dwarf Shrub Magenta Buzz is a dwarf Butterfly Bush with exceptional features.

Plant a few in containers for your patio or front porch.

These are also wonderful for those small spaces that can use a little color.

Your Magenta Buzz is a remarkable variety of Butterfly Bush that not only possess’ flowers as large as a full size bush, but does so in a dwarf size.

Each long, 6-inch spike displays a cluster of delicate magenta blossoms.

The amazing floral spikes appear on long branches, reaching up from the mounding shrub to cascade out for an elegant, arching appearance.

The prolific flowers begin in early summer and continue on into early fall for a long-lasting display of dramatic color (and irresistible allure to your butterflies, hummingbirds and bees).

Magenta Buzz’ elliptic leaves provide the perfect backdrop for the impressive flowers and maintain a lively appearance for your Butterfly Bush even when not in bloom.

Magenta Buzz will grow 3 to 4 feet in height with an equal spread (and around 2 feet tall when container grown).

It’s a low-maintenance shrub and overall hardy.

Even though it’s a magnet for pollinators, other wildlife (such as deer), tend to leave it alone.

Magenta Buzz is even salt tolerant and does equally as well in containers as it does in the general landscape.

For lovely flowers on a smaller stature shrub, you can’t go wrong with Magenta Buzz.

This fast-growing, ornamental shrub is high-performing and brings the magic of butterflies to your yard each year.

It’s a must-have!
* Brilliant flowers
* Salt tolerant
* Deer resistant
* Works great in containers

Buzz Magenta Butterfly Bush Order Options