Garden Plant: Burning Hearts Bleeding Heart

Burning Hearts Bleeding Heart Garden Plant

Burning Hearts Bleeding Heart

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Blooms All Season Bleeding Heart Burning Hearts, Dicentra ‘ Burning Hearts’, adds color to the front of your shade border.

This neat, compact dicentra blooms from mid-spring until the first frost.

Dicentra ‘ Burning Hearts’ PPAF has deep rose-red, heart-shaped blossoms that are suspended on curved stems over the feathery blue-grey foliage.

Potted in your favorite container, the 10″ height and 12″ width plant is a great way to fill that empty shady spot in your landscape.

‘ Burning Hearts’ is more compact and longer-blooming than other bleeding hearts.

Dicentra is perfect for a border or patio container, and will thrive in a partially shaded spot.

This really is a shade lover, delighting in full to partial shade conditions.

This plant will perform in the full sun but will tend to disappear in mid-summer when it has all the sun it can handle.

It usually pops back up the following spring.

Burning Hearts is is a plant for fertile but well-drained soils.

It prefers consistently moist, humus-rich soils similar to a great woodland soil full of organic matter and richly fertile.

The simplest way to mimic this is to add several shovels of compost around the base of the plant every spring.
* Red flowers
* Long bloom period
* Fern-like foliage

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