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Brunnera Looking Glass

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The truest blue of any garden flower True blue is an elusive color for gardeners to find for their gardens.

There are many flowers that are called blue but veer to lavender or purple.

Siberian Bugloss (Brunnera macrophylla ‘ Looking Glass’) is perhaps the truest blue of any garden flower.

This is a beautiful plant (with a not-so-beautiful name!) that is easy to care for and gives so much back in the form of flowers and foliage.

Brunnera ‘ Looking Glass’ is grown as much for its heart-shaped leaves as it is for its forget-me-not flowers.

Not tolerant of dry soils, bugloss love steady water and will reward you by reseeding and stretching its reach in your garden.

It quickly fills in bare spots and fills in empty patches under the shade trees.

(Light shade is the best for brunnera.

) By late summer the leaves – coarse and hairy – can look a little shabby.

A quick, hard cut back will reinvigorate them for a nice fall show.

If you are looking for a perennial plant that will give you an excellent show all season – both with heart-shaped leaves and true blue flowers, then you will love Brunnera ‘ Looking Glass’!
* Lovely heart-shaped leaves
* True blue flowers in the shade
* Reseeds easily

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