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Brightwell Blueberry

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Big blueberry fruit on a big blueberry bush! Big is definitely better when it comes to the Brightwell Blueberry bush (Vaccinium ‘ Brightwell’).

Growing a whopping 10 feet tall, Brightwell has more real estate to provide more berries! Perfect for the home garden, Brightwell gives you loads of large blueberries that are packed full of juicy goodness.

Your friends and family will be thrilled to know that you will be picking far more berries than you can use.

(So will the birds, who will try to beat you to the bounty, so invest in some good netting!) In regards to Brightwell Blueberry pollination, Brightwell is self-fruiting, so it doesn’t require a pollinator to set fruit, but you will always get bigger yields if you plant it with a friend like Tifblue or Climax.

Give Brightwell a sunny spot with good drainage.

It’s not as fussy as other blueberry bushes and doesn’t require as much mulching or organic matter as others to be at its best.

Easy-care Brightwell is also unaffected by late winter or early spring freezes.

Aren’t you already dreaming of all the pies, tarts and fresh blueberry muffins and blueberry pancakes you can make from berries you pick in your own backyard? Make those dreams a reality.

Order your Brightwell Blueberry bushes today!
* Big harvests of big fruit
* Grows 10 feet tall
* Easy care
* Handles frost well

Brightwell Blueberry Order Options