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Brandywine Maple Tree

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Have the Prettiest Fall Color in Your Neighborhood We say that we don’t compete with our neighbors, but secretly we all do, right? We all want the yard that turns heads, wins neighborhood awards and has people taking ‘selfies’ on our lawn.

If you are looking for a tree that will do all of this for you, look no further than the Brandywine Maple (Acer rubrum ‘ Brandywine’).

Brandywine is famous for its super long lasting fall color.

It starts a bright red and deepens to a brilliant purple-red over time.

This is a classic autumn tree.

The leaves aren’t the only thing that put on a good show, either.

The bark is light grey and smooth when young, turning a handsome dark grey with age.

Bonus – only male flowers are produced in spring so there are no messy seeds to clean up! It is a medium-sized shade tree through the spring and summer and is perfect for the urban garden.

This maple was developed by the National Arboretum and grows into a nice oval shape, 25 feet tall and 12 feet wide.

It is a hardy tree, resistant to leafhopper, one of the major pests of landscape red maples.

Brandywine Maple is widely adaptable and makes an excellent tree for your lawn, street, highway or park plantings.

Underplant it with evergreens and spring flowering bulbs for a beautiful year-long show.

We ship only the healthiest young trees, so order yours from us today!
* Shade tree
* Enduring fall color
* Adaptable

Brandywine Maple Tree Order Options