Garden Plant: Brandy Hybrid Tea Rose

Brandy Hybrid Tea Rose Garden Plant

Brandy Hybrid Tea Rose

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Richest Shade of Apricot You’ll Find in a Rose! Brandy is a hybrid tea rose with apricot blooms.

Plant a few of these in your rose garden, along your patio or even just one in your perennial bed.

The unique shade of this lovely tea rose variety is sure to please you wherever it resides.

Your Brandy Tea Rose produces spectacular 6-inch, apricot-colored roses of double blooms.

Before fully open, each flower is a dainty pointed bud atop long stems with dark green foliage.

As the rose opens, the petal count of 30 becomes more apparent, lending the blossom the appearance of the classic rose.

As an added benefit, your Brandy Tea Rose emits a fruity fragrance that is sure to be delight to your yard’s pollinators.

Cut a few to bring indoors as they make a wonderful cut flower as well! Brandy Tea Rose will grow up to 6 feet tall with a 4-foot spread.

It has an upright, bushy form and recurrent flowering nature.

It’s disease resistant and generally easy to care for.

Tea roses are always beautiful, but Brandy is a particularly lovely variety with one of the richest shades of apricot you’re likely to see in a rose.

Whether you’re a long-time rose-lover, or just a beginner, Brandy is a perfect choice for your garden this year.
* Apricot flowers
* Recurrent bloom
* Fragrant
* Disease resistant
* Great cut flower

Brandy Hybrid Tea Rose Order Options