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Bosc Pear

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A Favorite of Pear Connoisseurs Bosc Pear tree is a semi-dwarf tree that provides excellent, late-season fruit.

Plant one in a sunny location in a side or back yard where the spring flowers and fall harvest are sure to brighten up the landscape.

September can’t come soon enough once you’ve tasted a Bosc Pear.

A favorite of pear-connoisseurs for years, this one-of-a-kind variety offers exceptional flavor in an uncommon package.

With its long tapered neck and dark russet skin, Bosc Pear doesn’t look like the common green pear.

and it certainly doesn’t taste like one either! The spicy-sweet flavor is unique and develops early, so you can enjoy one right off the tree.

The flesh is also firmer than other pears, making it ideal for baking and giving it that satisfying crunch everyone loves.

Bosc is also a good source of vitamin C and dietary fiber, so having a Bosc Pear in your yard is a step toward healthier living.

Your Bosc Pear tree will grow to about 12 feet in height (or larger without pruning).

Its delightful, white blossoms appear in spring, a lovely addition to your landscape and a delicious lure to pollinators.

The fruit ripens in September for a late harvest.

Everyone has tried the traditional, green pears but true pear-lovers know that the Bosc Pear is in a class of its own.

Why not add one of these superior pears to your yard today!
* Delicious fruit
* Semi-dwarf
* Adaptable to a variety of soils
* Health benefits Recommended pollinators: Bartlett, D’ Anjou, Warren

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