Garden Plant: Blueberry Smoothie Rose of Sharon Tree Form

Blueberry Smoothie Rose of Sharon Tree Form Garden Plant

Blueberry Smoothie Rose of Sharon Tree Form

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Product Description: Blueberry Smoothie Rose of Sharon Tree Form

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Purple, Blue and Violet Althea in a N E W Tree Form! Rose of Sharon, a woody Hibiscus, are best known as shrubs with a hardy nature and tropical-looking blooms summer through fall.

Our landscape experts have taken it a step further and have now created a stunning tree form with the Blueberry Smoothie Althea (Hibiscus syriacus ‘ D S01 B S’).

Amazing mix of colors.

Delicious is maybe the best way to describe the flower color for this plant.

The tropical looking flowers are amazing with a mix of purple and blue violet, and are fully double to make this display amazing.

You might guess the flowers look like large carnations or even peony blooms.

The flowers are born in profusion from mid-summer into fall.

Cold Hardy! Blueberry Smoothie tree form is a woody Hibiscus that is hardy in zones 5-9 and loves the heat and the sun.

It is a bit late to get growing in the spring because it is waiting for the heat.

The leaves are smaller and serrated and shiny green for an overall fine texture.

Plant your Blueberry Smoothie Althea in a sunny location where the soil is well drained or in a container with draining holes on the bottom.

Perfect patio or container plant.

Because of the incredible flower display you will want to use them where you can see them.

Picture this in a container near your back patio or porch with lavender blue violet flowers? Use Blueberry Smoothie trees as a backdrop to your perennial or shrub borders.

Let’s not forget a single Blueberry Smoothie tree will make an amazing specimen near a sunny entrance or in a courtyard.

Such a showy shrub trained into a tree commands a high-profile location in your yard.

Such an amazing, colorful, showy shrub, with tropical-looking blooms well after most have quit that is hardy way up into zone 5.

AND, it’s now available as an ornamental tree.

Blueberry Smoothie belongs in your yard! Buy yours online before they’re gone!
* Drought tolerant
* Easy to grow
* Great for containers
* Double blooms summer to fall

Blueberry Smoothie Rose of Sharon Tree Form Order Options