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Blue Princess Holly

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Blue Green Leaves Shine The Blue Princess Holly is an 15′ holly with year round interest.

It would look outstanding as a foundation planting or shrub border in your yard.

Your Blue Princess Holly is one of the best of the blue Holly cultivars.

It was created by crossing a particularly lovely Holly plant with a very hardy one.

The result is a Holly with superior color that is also nearly carefree and beautiful year round.

Holly leaves are perhaps the most exquisite landscape foliage you’ll find, which is why the image of the Holly is so often used decoratively during the holiday season.

It has long been displayed in homes as a symbol of good luck and protection, and was even considered sacred by the ancient Druids.

The purple stems and blue-green hue of the leaves is just different enough from the usual summer greens that it will easily catch your eye.

You’ll love how the glossy surface of each leaf reflects the rays of the sun and the wide-toothed edges of each leaf will certainly lend an elegant appearance to your landscape.

Your Holly will produce tiny white flowers to herald in the spring, but it’s in the winter that it truly shines.

The foliage will maintain its vibrant color throughout the winter, a striking contrast to your yard’s grays and browns.

If you plant a Blue Prince Holly near it, you’ll also enjoy an abundance of bright red berries that tend to cling to the plant through the winter months.

It would be a shame to miss these, as they stand out spectacularly against the snow, and the wildlife really enjoys them as well.

Your Holly will grow up to 15 feet tall with a 10 foot spread.

You can prune it if you like, but it will look great left to grow naturally.
* Purple Stems and Blue Green Leaves
* Persistent Bright Red Berries
* Attracts Wildlife

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