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Blue Plumbago Plant

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Leadwort Makes a Perfect Fall Groundcover Blue Plumbago Plant (Ceratostigma plumbaginoides) – also commonly called leadwort – is a fantastic groundcover.

(There is also a tropical plumbago that Floridians and Californians grow that reaches 8 feet tall.

This isn’t that!) Growing only 6- 10 inches high it is covered in beautiful gentian-blue blooms all summer and into fall.

And fall is when it really shines.

The blue flowers keep coming as the leaves turn a fiery orange-red.

The contrast is show-stopping.

Use this Blue Plumbago plant between stepping stones or as an understory to other shrubs.

It does well in full to part sun and spreads easily.

It is drought tolerant once it is established and it stands up to light foot traffic too! It combines well with tulips and daisies in spring and summer and looks fantastic with fall blooming bulbs popping up through its showy bright fall color.

It will spill over the edges of walls or containers, adding some extra pop to your patio plantings.

Make sure you order more than one so that you can fill in those bare spots quickly.

This Blue Plumbago plant loves to please and we know that you will be happy with it in your garden
* Blue flowers and great fall foliage
* Fills in bare spots quickly
* Easy care and drought resistant

Blue Plumbago Plant Order Options