Garden Plant: Blue Girl Hybrid Tea Rose

Blue Girl Hybrid Tea Rose Garden Plant

Blue Girl Hybrid Tea Rose

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Product Description: Blue Girl Hybrid Tea Rose

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Exotic, Silvery Blue Blooms You really won’t believe your eyes when the first bloom opens on your Blue Girl Hybrid Tea Rose (Rosa sp.

‘ Blue Girl’).

You can’t capture it in photos and can barely describe it in words.

Opening from dark buds, the huge five and a half inch flowers have petals that are a silvery-lavender, turning into a gray-blue as the flower ages.

This is the closest to a true-blue that has ever been achieved in rose breeding! Combining the breathtaking color with the amazing rose/lilac scent, you’d think these beauties are fussy and hard to care for.

You’d be wrong! These hybrid teas are disease resistant and vigorous bloomers.

They have long strong stems, too, making them perfect cut flowers for jaw-dropping arrangements.

You definitely want to plant these where they will be seen, and you’ll want to plant more than one.

(They look great in three’s and five’s.

) These will be the show-stoppers in your rose garden and cut flower displays.

Combine them with other flowers in reds and yellows for a fresh, modern take in the garden or the vase.

These do sell out quickly because of their unique color.

Don’t wait too late to order yours.

Your Blue Girl will come to you in a H U G E 3 gallon size.

Nature Hills is the only online nursery that sells these in the 3 gallon size, too.

You won’t be getting a bare root or puny plant in a small container.

These beauties come ready to plant and T H R I W E because of their healthy size.

Order today! Don’t wait!
* Rare rose color
* Hardy and disease resistant
* Unreal cut flower
* Huge three gallon size

Blue Girl Hybrid Tea Rose Order Options