Garden Plant: Blue Bird Rose of Sharon

Blue Bird Rose of Sharon Garden Plant

Blue Bird Rose of Sharon

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One of the Most Popular Shrubs With Commerical Landscapers Rose of Sharon – Blue Bird, Hibiscus syriacus ‘ Blue Bird’, produces a nearly true-blue flower, (pale to medium-dark blue) that slightly edges into lavender.

It is navy blue and magenta at the bottom of the throat and has large white, to creamy white, to pale yellow stamens.

It reaches seven to ten feet tall and nearly as wide, though it can and probably should be kept pruned to a smaller size or narrower width.

A moderate grower, it’s also pollution-tolerant, which is why you’ll find these shrubs used extensively in city and commercial landscapes.

Rose of Sharon prefers full sun and well-drained soil.

Its attractive and plentiful blooms make Blue Bird fully capable of holding its own as a specimen.

One’s ability to shape Rose of Sharon also makes the shrub a prime candidate for hedges.

But since this bush is deciduous, it makes an effective privacy hedge only in summer.

It is a profuse bloomer and not only blooms late, but leafs out late, as well.
* Easy to grow
* Urban tollerant
* Makes a beautiful hedge

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