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Blink Bloom Pad

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Big beauty, little effort! Don’t let planning your spring garden get you down.

We know that it can be a challenge – so many tulips, so little time, right? Well, with Bloom Pads we’ve taken care of all the hard work! With only five steps, how much easier could it be? Step 1 – Order your bloom pad from us right now.

(Blink has two of the most gorgeous double tulips on the market today – ‘Angelique’, the standard-setting pink double and ‘Double Shirley’, a frothy lavender and white confection.

) It won’t take us long to get it to you! Step 2 – Dig the hole.

(6″ deep and just wide enough to fit the pad.

) Step 3 – Drop in the whole Bloom Pad.

(It’s biodegradable so it will just dissolve in the soil.

) Step 4 – Cover with dirt and water it thoroughly.

Step 5 – Bask in the praise of your beautiful garden next spring! The top reasons you’ll love the ‘Blink’ Bloom Pad:
* Planned by a designer to look fantastic – professionally spaced and blended
* Nothing is easier to plant – just dig a hole, drop it in and cover it up
* Looks great in a container
* You can plant a big area in half the time.

Save your back!

Blink Bloom Pad Order Options