Garden Plant: Blackout Coral Bells

Blackout Coral Bells Garden Plant

Blackout Coral Bells

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Product Description: Blackout Coral Bells

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Glossy “black ” foliage and creamy white, floral bells.

With foliage so dark that it’s nearly black, the dainty blooms of Blackout present a sharp, decorative contrast.

The creamy white bells rise above the foliage on tall stalks in late spring, and persist into early summer.

With a ten year lifespan, Blackout is a great investment in a decorative perennial for your yard.

Hardy, uniquely beautiful and long-lived are characteristics that make this an ideal choice for this year’s garden.
* Decorative foliage
* Spring flowers
* Low maintenance
* Evergreen
* Adaptable to a variety of soils and conditions
* Long lived
* Great for containers
* Wildlife interest
* Urban tolerant Keep Your Coral Bells Looking Good

Blackout Coral Bells Order Options