Garden Plant: BiColor Butterfly Bush

BiColor Butterfly Bush Garden Plant

BiColor Butterfly Bush

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Long Blooming, Multi- Color Butterfly Bush Butterfly Bush – Bi Color, Buddleia x weyeriana ‘ Bicolor’, is the first Butterfly Bush to feature multiple colors on each bloom! It is an intensely fragrant, long-blooming Butterfly Bush with profuse yellow and lavender blooms–amazing lavender in bud, opening to peachy-pink with a yellow cast as it ages.

Dazzle all your neighbors and your butterflies with this unique new butterfly bush that blooms from July until fall.

The panicles grow up to 10 inches long and show up well against the clean grey-green foliage.

Bi Color Butterfly Bush has a compact growth habit, is a deciduous bush, and blooms mid-summer until fall.

It provides valuable summer and early fall flowers when few other shrubs are in bloom.

Beautiful grown in massed plantings, in borders, cottage gardens, rose gardens or butterfly gardens.

Plant it near a path or patio and the shrub will provide a delightful fragrance for you, too.

It’s generally pest-free.

This plant blooms on new growth and should be pruned back in spring.
* Multi- Colored Blooms
* Long Blooming
* Butterflies, Butterflies, and more Butterflies!

BiColor Butterfly Bush Order Options