Garden Plant: Belle Poitevine Rugosa Rose

Belle Poitevine Rugosa Rose Garden Plant

Belle Poitevine Rugosa Rose

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Product Description: Belle Poitevine Rugosa Rose

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Striped Foliage and Large Magenta Pink Blooms Belle Poitevine, Rosa ‘ Belle Poitevine’, is a hardy rugose rose which was introduced in 1894.

It is graced by dense, richly veined foliage.

The deep magenta-pink buds unfurl in early summer to informal warm magenta pink blooms that continue in fragrant waves until the arrival of frost.

These blooms can be up to 4 inches across! In fall, the foliage is transformed into a beautiful autumnal display of yellow and orange, accented perfectly by large orange-red fruit (hips).

The decorative hips attract and feed birds in fall and winter.

This rose is grown on its own root so if it freezes down the old foliage, the plant will come back true to its color and size.

It is winter hardy to zone 3.

A healthy, vigorous plant, it can reach 5 feet tall and 4 feet wide.

Its’ hardy foliage is resistant to mildew, rust, and blackspot.

‘ Belle Poitevine’s’ blooms are fragrant and would make a good choice for a large hedge, especially in cooler climates.
* Pink blooms on an always reliable plant.
* Disease Resistant
* Fall foliage colors of yellow and orange.

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