Garden Plant: Bella Anna Hydrangea

Bella Anna Hydrangea Garden Plant

Bella Anna Hydrangea

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Product Description: Bella Anna Hydrangea

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One of The Most Winter Hardy Hydrangeas! A vibrant addition to your garden, Bella Anna provides color from early spring to first frost.

With such a long season of show, this flowering shrub is an excellent investment for long term growth.

Expect dark green leaves to introduce themselves as spring dawns with bright magenta mophead blooms in contrast by mid spring.

These large clusters are supported by strong stems of old and new wood for densely mounded flowering shrubs that enliven the shadiest spots in your garden.

A prolific bloomer, Bella Anna Hydrangeas beautify your interior as well as your exterior as they become welcome additions to dried and cut flower arrangements.

As fall arrives, the leaves turn to gold for a beautiful autumnal effect.

Bella Anna originates from a hydrangea native to America, and this makes it a fine choice for attracting bees, butterflies, and birds to your natural setting.

A vigorous grower that loves the shade, Bella Anna will transform dark garden recesses to vibrant focal points in your garden.

Order today to paint your garden pink with possibility.
* Very winter hardy
* Re-bloomer
* Strong stems support large blooms
* Attracts butterflies

Bella Anna Hydrangea Order Options