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Bartlett Pear Tree

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Small, Fast- Growing Favorite Pear The Bartlett Pear tree is a deciduous, fruit-bearing tree with ornamental features.

Plant several in your back yard for a private orchard, or just one in front where the neighbors can share in the excitement of the coming harvest.

The Bartlett is an excellent choice whether you’re an experienced gardener or trying something new.

It’s fast-growing so you won’t have long to wait for a harvest.

It also tends to be long-lived so you’re unlikely to face the disappointment of losing a tree you’ve cared for and enjoyed.

If you live in an urban environment, that’s ok too as the Bartlett adapts well to urban pollution.

Bartlett’s don’t need to have other trees for cross pollination.

You can have just one and still get high quality pears.

The Bartlett is a delightful fruit tree.

It grows 10-15 feet in height with an upright branching oval form that will create a charming silhouette for your landscape.

You won’t believe your eyes when you see the flowers that emerge on your Bartlett in the spring.

The clusters of tiny white blossoms will absolutely envelope your tree with their scented elegance.

If you stand close you’ll likely hear your Bartlett hum with the enchanting song of the bees that come to harvest pollen and pollinate.

The low canopy of the Bartlett will seem to invite you to pause a moment and reach for a green-golden pear.

It’s so easy to harvest.

The rounded bell-shaped, golden-green fruit will dangle well within your reach, tempting you to taste its juicy sweet flavor.

The Bartlett pear is a beautiful tree with exceptional fruit.

The fruit keeps well in storage, and is prized for use in preserves, tarts and other dishes.

Of course, it also tastes great right off the tree! The Bartlett is an outstanding choice for a lovely tree that also provides an ample harvest.
* Delicious Fruit
* Fast Growing Small Tree
* Long lived Recommended pollinators: Bosc, D’ Anjou, Comice

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