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Autumn Leaves Coral Bells Garden Plant

Autumn Leaves Coral Bells

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Hardy Perennial with 3- Season Foliage Color Autumn Leaves Coral Bells is a perennial with outstanding three season foliage color.

A few of these would look beautiful in your perennial border or work well as edging plants.

Autumn Leaves would also be quite stunning as a container planting.

Three shades of red in one plant; Autumn Leaves is like having a different plant each season.

In fact, this variety of Coral Bells has some of the most vibrant color you’ll ever see in a Coral Bell.

The show begins in spring with the delightfully pink-tinged, red colors on the gently lobed leaves.

As the season progress’, a pleasing taupe takes over.

Fall is when Autumn Leaves really lives up to its name as it displays blazing garnet-red color that will demand the notice of every passerby.

As if the brilliant foliage wasn’t enough, your Autumn Leaves will put on a special show mid-summer.

15-inch shoots of fiery red will reach toward the sky and present a sprinkling of tiny pink-hued, white bells for a moment of whimsy amid the glory of early summer.

Your Autumn Leaves Coral Bells is easy to care for, and bunnies and deer will leave it alone.

It’s certainly a bright, vibrant plant for your landscape, and one that is sure to meet your expectations year after year.
* Bright, changing foliage color
* Early summer flowers
* Hardy Keep Your Coral Bells Looking Good

Autumn Leaves Coral Bells Order Options