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Autumn Gold Ginkgo

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Hard to Find Ginkgo Variety Buying an Autumn Gold Ginkgo tree (Ginkgo biloba ‘ Autumn Gold’) from Nature Hills Nursery is truly a rich investment in your home and family.

This majestic tree will outlive you – and probably your great-grandchildren – and provide gorgeous shade, beautiful fall color and happy memories for years and years.

Ginkgo trees grow tall and straight up to 45 feet and are impervious to disease, pollution and drought once they get established.

These are the definition of ‘plant-it-and-forget-it’ trees.

After the atomic bomb was dropped on Hiroshima, Japan in 1945, the only living things left near the blast were 6 Ginkgo trees that are still growing, strong and healthy.

If they can survive that, then they can probably survive your brown thumb.

These trees are slow growers, but the leaves that bud out are astonishingly beautiful and worth the wait as you watch the tree mature every year.

They are fan-shaped and tremble in the slightest breeze.

In the fall the whole tree turns a glorious golden yellow.

The tree looks like a lantern lit from within.

Then, on one surprising point in late fall all of the leaves will drop at once leaving a clean tree that will be refreshed and start again in spring with the budding of the delicate leaves Ginkgo biloba Autumn Gold look great lining a long driveway or starring as the focal point in a backyard garden.

They will live for hundreds of years so make sure that you plant it where it can live out a long and beautiful life.
* No fuss and supremely easy care
* Disease resistant and always looks clean and healthy
* Thrives for hundreds of years
* Drought and disease resistant
* Gorgeous fall color

Autumn Gold Ginkgo Order Options