Garden Plant: Autumn Fantasy Red Maple Tree

Autumn Fantasy Red Maple Tree Garden Plant

Autumn Fantasy Red Maple Tree

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Product Description: Autumn Fantasy Red Maple Tree

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Fall leaves that will make you the envy of the neighborhood! We grow maples for a several reasons – great shade, fast growth, pretty shape, easy care.

But if we’re honest, the biggest reason we plant them in our yards is the phenomenal color changes come fall! Autumn Fantasy Maple Tree (Acer x freemanii ‘ Autumn Fantasy’) outdoes even the best of these! This hybrid of a Silver Maple and a Red Maple is a dependable tree that has the best of both.

It grows quickly and is dependable in the landscape.

It grows in almost any condition and is one of the toughest and most adaptable shade trees available on the market today.

Its big green leaves provide deep shade in the hottest part of summer and its oval branch shape gives great structure in the winter.

It’s the fall, though, when this tree is set ablaze by the rich, Autumn-red color that it really proves its worth.

It will change color even in warmer climates where other maples won’t! Autumn Fantasy Maple Tree will be a winner in your yard and in your neighborhood.

Don’t be caught this fall without one!
* Easy care
* Beautiful shape
* Full-sized flowers and leaves
* Drought tolerant once established For Iron Chlorosis Maple Tree Galls

Autumn Fantasy Red Maple Tree Order Options