Garden Plant: Autumn Circus Bearded Iris

Autumn Circus Bearded Iris Garden Plant

Autumn Circus Bearded Iris

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Product Description: Autumn Circus Bearded Iris

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Blooms in spring AND fall! Iris lovers are a voraciously loyal lot.

Often their entire garden is turned over to this aristocratic flower.

When a new iris is introduced it has to pass muster on many levels to please true iris connoisseurs.

Autumn Circus Bearded Iris (Iris germanica ‘ Autumn Circus’) is one of those that every iris lover has, or wants to have, in the garden.

Not “just another white and blue iris”, Autumn Circus is white with elegant violet-blue veins that look as if they were hand-painted on the flower by a European ceramics master.

These extra tall plants grow to almost 3′ tall.

The flowers float above blue-green sword shaped foliage that fills the garden from spring to fall.

Autumn Circus is a profuse bloomer in the spring with a high bud count.

There are plenty of flowers to cut for yourself, share with friends and still leave some for the garden to enjoy.

Then, after a summer of rest, more flowers bloom out in the fall to end the season just as spectacularly as it began.

Autumn Circus is a great clumping plant that grows quickly and is easy to divide, so you’ll soon have many more plants to spread around the garden or pass out to gardening neighbors.

Order a few from us today and enjoy the white and blue extravaganza this year (in spring AND fall) in your own garden.

We warn you, though, you may end up being a voraciously loyal iris lover yourself!
* Big floral display twice a year
* Fast Growing
* Borders, beds and hedges
* Low maintenance
* Classic garden flower
* Deer, rabbit and drought resistant

Autumn Circus Bearded Iris Order Options