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Autumn Blooming Cherry

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Enjoy lovely blooms twice a year! The Autumn Blooming Cherry (Prunis subhirtella ‘ Autumnalis’) is a beautiful flowering cherry tree that blooms twice a year.

This wonderful, fast growing variety is a perfect addition to you yard and has many unique qualities.

A mid-sized tree, the Autumn Cherry tree is more heat resistant, cold hardy and longer living than most ornamental cherry trees.

In the fall the Autumn Cherry will brighten your landscape with bronze to yellow gold leaves, sometimes tinged with red.

It will also attract birds in your area with its small black berries.

After it drops its leaves you will be delighted to see it flower.

Quite a surprise as most everything else in your area is beginning to go dormant for the winter.

Each time it flowers the Autumn Cherry’s blossoms go through a series of color changes.

The buds are a dark pink which soon bloom a soft pink.

As the flowers age they turn a brilliant snow white.

The Autumn Cherry can flower on and off during the milder fall and winter months, but its real show happens in the spring.

When the leaves emerge in the spring the Autumn Cherry will positively explode with clouds of semi double, soft pink flowers that slowly age to a show stopping pure white.

Two seasons of flowering a year is very rare for small flowering trees, making the Autumn Cherry quite special.

You will also be proud to share with friends and family that this tree is one of the varieties enjoyed at the National Cherry Blossom Festival in Washington, D C each year.

Your new Autumn Cherry will mature to approximately 25 feet, prefers full sun to partial shade and will perform best in well drained soil.
* Blooms multiple times a year
* Pest and disease resistant
* Requires no pruning or extra care

Autumn Blooming Cherry Order Options