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Australian Finger Lime

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You haven’t seen a fruit like this before! Don’t you love the look, smell and taste of a plate of fresh citrus slices? We do too.

But that’s not what you’re going to get with the Australian Finger Lime.

This lime is not your typical lime – it’s not even your typical citrus fruit.

For starters, it’s not round.

or oval.

or even vaguely lime-like.

It is long and thin, looking more like a pickle than anything else.

(Weird, right?) You also don’t peel this lime or cut it into segments like you do other citrus fruit.

Just cut it open and see.

When you do you’ll find Australian Finger Lime spills out hundreds of fragrant, juicy little balls that look for all the world like caviar or the boba in the bottom of Asian tea.

The little balls burst in your mouth with an explosion of lime flavor.

They feel funny, but taste great! The Australian Finger Lime is a perfect addition to your yard if you live somewhere where citrus trees are happy.

If not, it makes a great potted indoor plant in a sunny window all year.

In the wild it is native to the rainforests of Australia, but has only recently been ‘rediscovered’.

Nature Hills is happy to be one of the few places that you can find this remarkable fruit in the U S.

Being a natural understory shrub in the wild, these trees don’t grow as big and tall as other citrus trees.

Also, with its small leaves it is quite delicate looking, but don’t let it fool you.

It is tough as nails in the landscape.

We can practically guarantee that you will be one of the only houses on your block with this unique fruit tree.

Order one of these from Nature Hills today and be the first to bring this very different “new ” fruit to your own kitchen table.
* Completely unique citrus fruit
* Naturally dwarf
* Hot seller at the Farmer’s Market
* Great in containers

Australian Finger Lime Order Options