Garden Plant: Atro Nana Barberry

Atro Nana Barberry Garden Plant

Atro Nana Barberry

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Low Maintenance, Dense, Dwarf Shrub The Barberry Atro Nana, Berberis t.

‘ Atro Nana’, Crimson Pygmy, is a dwarf, (pygmy) compact shrub that is tightly mounded.

The foliage is deep crimson red and turns a deep burgundy in the fall.

It produces red-tinged pale yellow colored flowers that bloom in March and April.

In May the flowers are followed by glossy red fruit.

A great, low maintenance landscape plant, Atro Nana needs full sun to part shade; sun will produce the best foliage color; as shade increases the foliage will turn lighter red to green.

Just below those beautiful red leaves are the tiniest, and sharpest thorns, but since the plant requires so little maintenance, you don’t encounter the thorns very often.
* Deep burgundy fall color
* Easy to grow
* Compact with dense foliage

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