Garden Plant: Astilbe Delft Lace

Astilbe Delft Lace Garden Plant

Astilbe Delft Lace

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Pink Flowers Above Blue Green Foliage Astilbe Delft Lace, Astilbe ‘ Delft Lace’ PPAF, will brighten up your landscape with its beautiful lacy foliage.

The waxy foliage is a deep blue-green with a light silver overlay that gives it a unique look, and added excitement, as a seasonal garden player.

This new variety is reported to have more attractive foliage and stronger flower stems than ‘ Peach Blossom’.

Its bright-red stems rise above blue-green leaves, holding plumes of apricot-pink flowers trimmed with deep salmon pink buds.

Astilbes are long-lived perennials that are most comfortable when grown in rich soil and light shade to filtered sun.

They will grow in full shade, but will not bloom as prolifically there.

Though they are easy to grow, Astilbes have one critical requirement–lots of water.

Plants must have consistently moist soil; dryness leads to a quick demise, especially in the sun.

Fertilize Astilbes in late spring before flowering starts.

Wait to cut back the old foliage until spring; it will help protect the plant from winter damage.

If the flowers are picked when half open, the blooms are useful for cutting and make gorgeous bouquets.

The more sun this rugged and beautiful plant gets, the darker the foliage! Plant ‘ Delft Lace’ where everyone can enjoy its brilliant colors!
* Unique Blue Green Lacy Foliage
* Red Stems and Pink Flowers
* Deer and Rabbit Resistant

Astilbe Delft Lace Order Options