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Arctic Fire Dogwood Garden Plant

Arctic Fire Dogwood

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A True Dwarf Red- Twigged Dogwood with 4- Season Appeal Finally, a dwarf selection of the native Red- Twigged Dogwood to help you utilize it in your landscape in a variety of ways.

This winter gem only gets about 4′ high and wide whereas the regular Red Twigged Dogwood gets to 10′ high and wide.

The smaller size with all the attributes of the full-size plant makes it much easier to use.

Arctic Fire can be used as beautifully as an informal hedge without pruning, perfect for a 3-4′ screen alongside a patio.

They can also be used as a backdrop for a perennial border for the perfect winter interest addition (which can sometimes lack substance during the winter).

Let’s not forget too, they make great midrange plants in the shrub border.

Informal massing for a more natural look doubles as snow fencing at the prairie’s edge.

The cut stems are highly desirable because of the deep, dark red stem color during the winter dormancy period.

They are used in urns and pots outdoors for winter and holiday decorations adorning your front entrance or in your garden.

They are also used in commercial applications in the same way.

They can also be cut and used indoors for winter and holiday decor.

A classic for decoration and always in style.

White flower clusters are a spring bonus on last year’s stems and are also used in flower arrangements.

The foliage is dark green and very attractive all season long.

The plants are super hardy in zones 3-7.

They grow well in full sun and partial shade, but seem to do quite well even in shade.

Easy to care for plants do like some additional water during dry spells.

Adaptable to most any soils including wet ones, a real bonus for wet areas.

If you are cutting the stems for winter decoration, remove the 2-year-old stems down to the ground (in November) so new shoots come up from the base keeping those stems vivid red.

Older stems will not exhibit the great color and those should be removed each spring to the ground to keep the plants vigorous and colorful.
* Dwarf selection of a native
* Brilliant winter color in the landscape
* Cut flowers in spring, and cut branches great for winter and Holiday decorations
* Deer proof
* Sun or shade, and most any soil

Arctic Fire Dogwood Order Options