Garden Plant: Arctic Beauty Male Kiwi Vine

Arctic Beauty Male Kiwi Vine Garden Plant

Arctic Beauty Male Kiwi Vine

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Product Description: Arctic Beauty Male Kiwi Vine

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Male Wine Shows Off Arctic Beauty Male Kiwi Wine, Actinidia Kolomikta – Male, is a great climbing plant that is extremely appealing.

This vine is grown for its heart-shaped foliage, which opens purple and matures to bright green and is marked with splashes of white and pink.

Arctic Beauty’s Male Kiwi Wine flowers, though fragrant, are inconspicuous since they are often hidden by the foliage.

One male plant will pollinate 6 female plants.

Grapelike berries are produced only by the female plant, are edible, and ripen in the fall.

This species is dioecious (separate male and female plants), and the male plants reportedly have better leaf variegation than the female plants.

The Arctic Beauty Kiwi not make fruit unless you have other cultivars or more than three plants – it’s a hit and miss to find if you have male plants or female plants as you need one of each to product fruit.

Train Arctic Beauty Male to cover a fence or arbor.

It can grow to twenty feet, provides great texture, and adds a wonderful appearance to any landscape.
* Vigorous Climbing Wine
* Heart Shaped Green Leaves with Pink and White Varigation
* Can Pollinate 6 Female Plants

Arctic Beauty Male Kiwi Vine Order Options