Garden Plant: Anthony Waterer Spirea

Anthony Waterer Spirea Garden Plant

Anthony Waterer Spirea

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Rosy Pink Flowers above Variegated Foliage The Spirea ‘ Anthony Waterer’, Spiraea x bumalda ‘ Anthony Waterer’, has flat-topped heads of rosy-pink flowers that cover the top of this dwarf shrub.

The flowers offer a striking contrast against the bright green foliage.

The foliage is deciduous, and at first the leaves are a wine-red to maroon, then in the fall, they mature into a dark green.

It will mature to 2′-3′ with a spread of 2′-4′.

Anthony Waterer Spirea is extremely variable in its variegation pattern since the leaves are willow-like and often variegated.

This spirea is best suited to full sun conditions.

It is not particular about soil type but, like most shrubs, grows faster and blooms more profusely in richer soil.

Not only is the Anthony Waterer plant summer flowering, it is also small of stature and fits nicely in the smaller landscapes we use today.

This small plant adds a new dimension and color when planted in the foreground of shrub borders.
* Heads of Rosy Pink Flowers
* Colorful Variegated Foliage
* Full Sun

Anthony Waterer Spirea Order Options