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Anna Apple Tree

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Early Flowers and Fruit on a Fast- Growing Tree Anna Apple Tree, Malus domestica ‘ Anna’, is a decorative tree that produces edible fruit early in the summer.

It’s especially well-suited for warmer climates and would do well in a sunny location near your home’s windows, lining your driveway.

or anywhere you’re sure to enjoy every minute of its transition from flower to fruit.

There’s nothing like the smell of apple blossoms heralding the spring, and your Anna Apple tree will bring that delicate aroma to you early in the season when its branches burst forth in a profusion of petite, pink-tinted blossoms.

Anna’s display will be a sight to see in your yard each spring, followed by yet another exciting vision as those flowers transition to delicious fruit.

The green-tinted, yellow skin of your Anna apple sports a hearty, red blush and the flesh is a taste sensation right off your tree! In its early stages, Anna has been compared to a Grammy Smith.

However, as it ripens, Anna increases in sweetness.

Anna apples even store well for one to two months (depending upon the storage method), and are terrific used for such culinary delights as apple pancakes, apple pie and a large variety of other tasty treats.

Anna Apple Tree will grow up to 30 feet tall with a 30 foot spread.

It was developed in Israel and has a low chill requirement that allows it to be grown in warmer climates, where growing apple trees can sometimes be problematic.

It will begin to fruit at an early age.

It has a semi-spreading nature and is self-fertile (although having another pollinator, such as Gala, Granny Smith or Honeycrisp nearby is recommended for optimal performance).

Apple trees are always a welcomed sight at any home, and Anna is an exceptional choice, (especially if you live in a warmer climate).

Early to flower and fruit, the Anna Apple tree won’t make you wait long before you’re enjoying the many benefits it has to offer.
* Delicious fruit
* Spring flowers
* Good drought tolerance
* Low chill requirement (less than 300 hours)
* Self-fertile

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