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Ann Magnolia

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Late- Blooming Floral Brilliance Ann Magnolia is a deciduous shrub with lovely, fragrant spring and summer flowers.

These would make an elegant informal hedge or plant one as a single specimen plant in your yard.

Your Ann Magnolia is especially prized for its late blooms that helps it avoid frost damage, and ensures a fragrant display each spring.

Gardeners adore its huge, fuchsia, goblet-shaped blossoms! The lightly scented reddish-purple flowers emerge from beautiful, tapered buds as the season begins.

7-9 inch chalice-shaped flowers seem to blanket the tree in late spring in deep, purple/red splendor.

Just when you think it has completed it show for summer, it may still surprise you with a repeat bloom in mid-summer.

The Ann Magnolia tree is a member of the ‘ Little Girl’ series of Magnolias, and a popular choice of both novice and expert gardeners.

It will grow up to 10 feet tall with an equal spread and has no significant disease or insect problems.

It’s a vigorous and hardy shrub that won’t require a lot of your time in return for the brilliant displays it produces.

Its mounded habit and leathery green foliage are an added bonus that maintains an attractive sight for your landscape even when the Ann Magnolia is not in bloom.

You can leave your Ann Magnolia to grow naturally beautiful, or prune it annually to maintain the desired size and shape.

This magnolia is low maintenance, perfect for the smaller yard or garden, and will fit practically any landscape.
* Magnificent flowers
* Late blooming
* Low maintenance Pick your color.

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