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American Larch Tree

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Fall color for the cold north! American Larch (Larix laricina) isn’t rare, but it is unique.

Most conifers are evergreen.

This is one of only a handful of conifers that is deciduous.

That means it has great fall color just before it drops its needles for winter.

American Larch trees are common in the northeast and up through Canada into Alaska.

They love cool summers and cold winters.

(They actually suffer in the heat and humidity south of zone 5.

) In the spring the bright green needles begin to cover the tree.

In the fall, they turn a golden yellow and are a great counterpoint to the reds and oranges of the broad-leaf fall color trees.

This native typically grows in boggy, wet soils and poorly-drained woodlands so give it a tough wet spot in your garden and watch it thrive.

American Larch will grow to be 60′ tall and looks great when grown in groups of three or more.

It gives an instant natural woodland feel to your landscape.

These are beautiful natives for all you northern gardeners.

Order yours today and enjoy them for years to come!
* Loves the cold
* Quick-growing to 40′
* Fall color
* Ok in wet spots

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