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American Beech

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Stately Tree with a Lot to Offer Your American Beech (Fagus grandifolia) will be a majestic addition to your landscape.

The familiar stout trunk and spreading crown sport oval leaves with distinctive parallel veins and sawtooth margins.

The bright green leaves are a striking contrast against the slate gray bark.

As an added benefit, your American Beech will usher in the autumn season with coppery-gold autumn foliage, a stand-out for your fall landscape display.

The American Beech was once abundant across North America.

It’s grows in a variety of conditions, including shady and wet areas.

It reaches its greatest height and longest life (300-400 years), in rich, moist, alluvial soils.

Beech wood is known for its durability in the flooring and furniture world, and is also one of the best-burning firewoods to be found anywhere.

The triangular beech nut has great appeal to both wildlife and people as a sweet, nutritious snack.

The beloved beech nut has even lent its name to a famous chewing gum and line of baby food! American Beech is certainly an outstanding tree for a variety of landscapes.

It requires little care but provides long-term benefits.

Beauty, grace and a variety of products from its wood and nuts make it an exceptional tree that is sure to please sure to please you for years to come.
* Long-lived
* Wildlife appeal
* Edible nuts

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