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Albert F Holden Lilac Garden Plant

Albert F Holden Lilac

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Late Spring, Bi- Color Blossoms Lilacs are often thought to symbolize love, and it’s little wonder.

With their magnificent blooms, unbelievable fragrance and sturdy nature they’re easy to love.

Albert F.

Holden is a variety of lilac that exemplifies these exceptional shrubs in every way.

When other lilac varieties have completed their bloom, your Albert F.

Holden is just beginning! The flowers are remarkable, with the delicate petals featuring a slight curl at the edges to reveal a silver-toned underside.

The effect of the silver against the dark purple petals provides a superior bi-color effect that is particularly showy against the dark green leaves.

Each petal combines with a multitude of others to form long panicles of blooms held aloft on strong stems above the foliage.

As if the visual affect of your Albert F.

Holden weren’t enough, the brilliant blossoms emit a sweet fragrance that’s sure to be an irresistible draw to both pollinators and humans alike.

Cut a few for your kitchen table and enjoy Albert F.

Holden’s redolent bouquet both inside and out.

Your Albert F.

Holden Lilac is a deciduous shrub that will grow up to 7 feet in height with an 8 foot spread.

It has an upright nature and rounded form.

Albert F.

Holden is adaptive to a variety of soils and even mildew resistant.

Plant a few for a decorative, yet durable privacy hedge.

These make excellent accents near outbuildings or a wonderful, floral focal point for a sunny yard.

Lilacs have always been a favorite among gardeners, and Albert F.

Holden Lilac is way to prolong your lilac blooms a bit later into the season.

With a late spring bloom, and its many other stellar qualities, it’s easy to see why Albert F.

Holden Lilac is a popular lilac choice among gardeners today.
* Large, fragrant, bi-colored flowers
* Mildew and pest resistant
* Adaptive to a variety of soils
* Works well as cut flowers

Albert F Holden Lilac Order Options