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About Face Rose

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Lovely, Long- Stemmed Roses About Face is a Grandiflora rose with spectacular flowers.

Plant one in your rose garden, or several in a patio area where you’re sure to enjoy their summer display.

Your About Face rose produces a bronzy-red bloom with golden-orange at the center.

It has a delightfully mild fragrance that lends it a dash of additional charm.

About Face blooms all season long, with the spectacular blooms accented by the lush, green foliage.

About Face will grow to about 7 feet tall with a 6-foot spread.

It’s a vigorous grower and displays an upright growth habit.

The About Face rose blooms on new wood so if you prune early you’ll promote new growth.

The Grandiflora rose was created by crossing hybrid Tea Roses with Floribunda roses.

Grandiflora roses are recognized for their larger, single blooms on longer stems.

and About Face is a great example of a successful hybrid.

It’s a lovely rose, and perfect for cut flower arrangements.

About Face seems to have it all.

Recurrently-blooming, long-stemmed roses on a hardy shrub.

what more could you ask for?!
* Beautiful blooms
* Fragrant
* Recurrent blooms

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